Type-C ケモノ3Dアイパーツペア Eye parts pair

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当店で販売しているケモノヘッドシェル Type-Cにぴったり合うように作られた目枠パーツです。


* This is pair item. You can get the pair eye parts if you buy 1.

This is eye frame parts made to perfectly fit our kemono headbases Type-C we sell.
It can be used to make eyes for fursuits.
Price is for a pair.

The product is intended to be used as a base for fursuit head. Please do not use it for any other purpose.
As it is manufactured by FDM method 3D printer, there are lamination marks on the surface. Please refer to the photos for the condition. If you want to remove the lamination, you will need to paint or otherwise treat the surface.
The product is made by a 3D printer, so there are some flaws such as burrs removed and molding marks. Please wear gloves when handling. The edges have been lightly filed, but please be careful as they are sharp.
Do not apply strong loads or shocks, which may damage it or cause injury. When transporting the product, be careful not to apply pressure.
In rare cases, cat hairs may be entered in with the product due to the fact that we have cats living in a separate house.
Do not resell this base except processed into a finished fursuit head.
We would be grateful if you could show us your finished fursuit using this base.
If this is sold out, please ask us with Twitter's DM or contact.
For shipment in Japan, you can specify the time and day of arrival of your package. Please notify us by filling the remark.

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If you order 1, you can get pair eye parts.

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¥2,400 tax included